Download bluCTRL (Remote Komputer kamu menggunakan BB / Hp anda)

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Introducing bluCTRL
bluCTRL, is an application that turns your BlackBerry into a full wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Download software gratis
With bluCTRL, you can now conduct powerpoint presentations, surf the web, and control your media center from your BlackBerry.
This "in your pocket" convenience works with any Bluetooth enabled laptop or PC, giving you the ability to control multiple machines from a single device.
To start using bluCTRL simply pair your BlackBerry with a PC using the step by step wizard.
Controlling your PC is now as easy as using your BlackBerry trackball and keyboard.
Now you can control all your PCs using one central input device, your BlackBerry.

BluCTRL now includes quite a few media functions including:
(Vol up/down/Mute) Alt-tab Ability to click and drag double click scroll with different combinations of alt/shift and the trackball
You can full control your pc desktop or notebook.

Cara install :
HOW TO...??
1. Install bluCTRLReceiver0.1.0.112.exe
2. Install file on device
__(BB = *.alx & *.COD) using Desktop Manager.
__(Cellphone Java Support = *.jar & *.jad)
3. Turn on bluetooth on pc/notebook & devices (both).
4. Run App bluCTRL on pc/desktop.
5. Right click icon bluCTRL at systray > Add Controling Device.
6. Double click on the device you choose to pair it.
7. Run App bluCTRL on your device.
8. Choose option Control Selected Device.
9. If it success the diplay on device gonna change Controlling
10. Have Fun!!

Link download ada di bawah

Pass: b0cahk0t4

Source : kaskus.us@ccpb

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paswordnya apa gan?

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